Beijing Normal University has a history of over a century in art education. School of Future Design, based on the existing strengths of Beijing Normal University, is rooted in the intersection of art, technology, and education. It aligns with the overall framework goals of the university's "14th Five-Year Plan" development and construction. The School is dedicated to advancing the discipline of design with a focus on "design for better future life." The School engages in research and extensive interdisciplinary collaboration in the fields of humanities, art, design, and technology. It integrates research, education, and practice, establishing a distinctive teaching model characterized by complementary disciplines, problem-driven approaches, and project orientation.

With design for future production and lifestyle, art and technology, and design and education as its research directions, the School conducts both graduate and undergraduate education, aiming to cultivate versatile and innovative design talents oriented towards the future, possessing a scientific spirit and humanistic literacy, using advanced design theories and new technologies.