With rapid technological changes in people’s production and life, talent cultivation faces new demands and challenges that are constantly emerging. Beijing Normal University School of Future Design focuses on integrating multi-disciplines, aiming to cultivate innovative talents with excellent comprehensive capabilities who are committed to the development of art and design practices to solve potential problems facing the future.

Based on the three core concepts of Human Existence”, “Human Creation” and “Human Development”, the School of Future Design offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs covering three directions: Design and Future Production and Lifestyle (Service Design), Art and Technology (Digital Media Art), and Design and Education (Design)

In our undergraduate programs, students are expected to establish a basic knowledge of historical development of design and form a problem-oriented thinking mode about issues within the industry. Through the training, cross-disciplinary learning and critical thinking abilities can also be developed, so that students can build up their knowledge of the issues or potential challenges in the future development of production and life, forming a development mode in which design professional skills and multiple knowledge systems are driven by each other, and providing creative ideas for future solutions.

In our postgraduate programs, full-time graduate students can specify their research directions and scientifically expand their design theories and practices through the study of comprehensive theoretical methods and practice projects. Part-time graduate students can also enhance their insight into the design industry based on humanities and social sciences and develop insights into the social development of the industry. Through learning the knowledge applied in related disciplines and involving in project practices, students can be trained to combine design skills with applied knowledge required by the industry and therefore, to form design creation methods and design research methods that can be applied in the future.