2022 Admission for Beijing Normal University School of Future Design MFA Program

Beijing Normal University (BNU) is a key affiliated institution to the Ministry of Education and a leading comprehensive university of higher education known for teacher education, education science, and basic learning in both the arts and the sciences. In 2017, BNU has been listed in the “world-class universities” ranking 8th among Chinese mainland universities, and 11 disciplines have been selected for China’s “Double-First Class” Initiative.

In accordance with the development strategy of “One University, Two Campuses”, the School of Future Design (SFD) was established in Zhuhai Campus, aiming to boost the integration and development of the Guangdong – Hong Kong – Macao Greater Bay Area. Grounded at the BNU’s leading disciplines including Psychology, Education and Literature, SFD invites internationally renowned scholars and professors to form the academic committee as well as famous enterprises to join in the teaching activities with PBL model, hoping to build a leading design school in the South China and contribute to the design industry.

Cultivation Objectives

Beijing Normal University School of Future Design is dedicated to enhancing the artistic aesthetics, design thinking and international horizons of the students, and equipping them with interdisciplinary knowledge (psychology, economics, and pedagogy) through systematic learning. Our goal is to cultivate innovative talents with professional literacy, cutting-edge vision, comprehensive analytical skills, and scientific and humanistic concepts,providing pioneering and exploration practices for design industry.

Number of Enrollment

Beijing Normal University School of Future Design is estimated to enroll 53 students for the full-time and part-time MFA Program (Art and Design).



The School of Future Design actively responds to the national future talent training policy, advocates interdisciplinary training and comprehensive ability cultivation. Cross-disciplinary/professional candidates are encouraged to apply for the above programs without limitation of their undergraduate major.

SERVICE DESIGN (full-time/part-time)

“Service Design” involves comprehensive design for future production, lifestyle and social forms. It aims to train students to use innovative tools to integrate rational design thinking and perceptual artistic cognition and provide practical solutions, and equip students with micro and macro perspectives to fully stimulate their innovative potential of becoming a leader in future service design industry.

DIGITAL MEDIA ARTS (full-time/part-time)

“Digital Media Arts” concentrates on the application of technology in art and design and conducts conceptual exploration and practice of frontier issues involving Digital Media Art, Multimedia Design, Interaction Design and AI Visualization Design. Through the study, students can learn about the latest technological development as well as the features and production of digital art, so they can acquire interdisciplinary techniques for artistic creation.

DESIGN EDUCATION (full-time/part-time)

“Design and Education” is the innovative research in art and design education for future development. The program involves the investigation of “Design Thinking” for adolescents, “Aesthetic Education” in K-12 education and Learning Environment Design (campus, classroom, desk, chair, teaching aids and other educational products and services). By taking the advantage of BNU’s leading disciplines such as education and psychology, it highlights the characteristics of teacher-training institutions, creates a new direction of design interdisciplinary education, and explores the future development of design education.

Application Requirements

Registration for the national postgraduate entrance examination must meet the following requirements:

1. Citizens of the People's Republic of China.

2. Support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, good moral character, compliance with the law.

3. Physical health in line with the national and the university physical examination requirements.

4. Candidates’ academic level must meet one of the following conditions.

 (1) Undergraduates from national recognized programs of the year (including ordinary colleges and universities, adult colleges and universities, and adult higher education held by ordinary colleges and universities) as well as undergraduates who graduate from self-study examinations and online education. Candidates must obtain a nationally recognized undergraduate diploma or a Certificate of Foreign Academic Degrees issued by the China Ministry of Education Overseas Study Service Center before the year of admission. Otherwise, the admission is invalid.

 (2) Those who have obtained a national recognized bachelor's degree.

 (3) Those who have completed 2 years (from graduation to the admission year) or more after obtaining the nationally recognized senior high school diploma, as well as those who have completed the bachelor's degree with nationally recognized education, must also meet the following three conditions, and can apply for the examination as the equivalent of bachelor's degree.

The conditions are (a) completed all the required courses in the relevant undergraduate program; (b) published two (or more) papers in academic journals in the field of application as the first author; (c) apply for the programs of the same or similar disciplines.

(4) Those who have received a master's degree or doctoral degree.

(5) The degree certificates obtained outside China must be certified by the China Ministry of Education Overseas Study Service Center, and the certification report must be submitted during the qualification examination.

Application Procedure

Candidates shall read the application requirements carefully before online registration. The information registered online must be true and accurate. Otherwise, candidates who fail to meet the requirements or submit false information will be disqualified. The review of candidate qualification will be conducted during the admission.

The application procedure contains online registration and online (in-site) conformation. Candidates shall visit Graduate Admission website http://yz.chsi.com.cn during October 5-25, 2021 (9am-10pm), submit the application according to the requirements and complete the online (in-site) confirmation within the time required. Candidates shall carefully check the registration information. After the submission, the information is not allowed to be modified and all consequences caused by false information shall be borne by the candidates.

Duration of studies and Degree Award

Upon admission, students start the program in September, 2022.

The duration of study is 3 years.

The teaching for full-time program is in-term lectures; for part-time program is modular lectures, with intensive on-site lectures during weekends and holidays.

Upon graduation, students who meet the graduation requirements within the duration of study can be awarded with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (professional degree) and a certificate of graduation.

Tuition and Scholarship

The tuition fee for MFA Program (part-time) is RMB 96,000 yuan; for MFA Program (full-time) is RMB 55,000 yuan, which shall be paid equally in three years.

The School of Future Design offers various scholarships covering 50% of total students for overseas exchange.


On-campus accommodation is arranged for full-time students.

On-campus accommodation is available for part-time students upon application.

Contact Information

(1) Admission Office, Provost’s Office and Academic Affairs (Graduate School), Beijing Normal University

Tel: 010-58808156

E-mail: yanzh@bnu.edu.cn

Website: https://yz.bnu.edu.cn

Address: Admission Office, Provost’s Office and Academic Affairs (Graduate School), 100875

(2) Office of Academic Affairs, School of Design, Beijing Normal University

Tel: 0756-3683976

E-mail: sfdzhaosheng@bnu.edu.cn

Website: https://design.bnu.edu.cn

Address: Office of Academic Affairs, Yuan Bai Building Zone A, School of Future Design, Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai City, Guangdong, 519087