Dai Jinhua

Professor and PhD Supervisor of Peking University

Areas of research: Chinese film history, popular culture, feminist literature

Dai Jinhua studied in Peking University from 1978 to 1982 and taught at the Beijing Film Academy since then. In 1978, she participated in the establishment of the first Chinese film history program and was promoted as an associate professor by the Beijing Film Academy in 1992. In 1003, she was transferred to the Institute of Comparative Literature and Culture of Peking University. She was invited by the East Asia Department of Cornell University, the East Asia Department of UCLA, and the Anthropology Department of the University of California, Santa Barbara for academic visits on Chinese film and popular culture. She also gave lectures in more than ten American universities, including Cornell University, Harvard University, and the University of California, Berkeley. In 1995, she established the first comparative cultural research institute in China at Peking University, and in 1997 she was appointed as an adjunct professor at the Department of East Asian Studies at Ohio State University, where she travels to the United States every two years for the intensive summer courses. In 2001, she became a PhD supervisor and has been the Director of Center for Film and Cultural Studies at Peking University since 2008. In April 2019, she became a member of the jury of the Second Blancpain Ideal State Literary Award.