Wang Chuandong, Vice President and Marketing Chief for China of Lenovo Group, was appointed as the PBL Enterprise Tutor by the School of Future Design, Beijing Normal University.

Lenovo Group Limited (Lenovo) is a multinational technology company established in China with its products selling in 180 markets. Lenovo think and act globally and has established an industry-leading diversified corporate culture and operating model, serving more than 1 billion users worldwide. As a trusted leader of global technology companies, Lenovo helps its customers to grasp the technology of tomorrow and transform the world today.

As the world’s leading ICT technology company, Lenovo adheres to its vision “Smart Technology for All” providing users and the entire industry with smart terminals that integrate applications, services, and the best experience, as well as powerful cloud infrastructure and industry intelligent solutions.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of intelligent devices, Lenovo provides hundreds of millions of smart devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones, to global users every year. Lenovo’s PC sales volume ranked first in the world in 2018. As the world’s top supplier of enterprise digital and intelligent solutions, Lenovo actively promotes the development of “equipment + cloud” and “infrastructure + cloud” in the entire industry and the implementation of smart solutions.

Facing the opportunity of a new round of industrial upgrading of intelligent transformation, Lenovo proposed a brilliant transformation strategy, centering on the three directions of Smart IoT, Smart Infrastructure, and Smart Verticals, and gradually becoming the leader and enabler of intelligent transformation in the industry.