Twin Subjects—The First Master's Graduate Design Exhibition of the SFD

2024, 06,14 > More

Students from the SFD Win Bronze at the 6th CADA Japan Concept Art Design Awards 2024

2024, 06,13 > More

Lu Di, SFD faculty member, received multiple international design awards

2024, 05,24 > More

Kyrgyzstan university teachers and students visited SFD for a cultural exchange activity

2024, 05,21 > More

School of Future Design Students Took Home Silver in the American MUSE Design Awards

2024, 05,13 > More

Practice of Education Space Service Design Project - "Beijing Children's Graded Reading Experience Center" Scenic Space Design

2024, 05,06 > More

Works by Students and Teachers from the SFD Made an Appearance at the first Digital Art China Exhibition

2024, 05,06 > More

National Design Education Development Forum Successfully Held at Beijing Normal University Zhuhai

2024, 04,30 > More

Interior Renovation Design for Leyu College’s Discipline in Reading and Sharing Space

2024, 04,29 > More

Dr. Scott Cline, Vice President of the California Institute of the Arts, Visits the SFD

2024, 04,16 > More

SFD was invited to participate in the 6th Art and Science International Exhibition and Symposium

2024, 03,26 > More

Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Delegation, Led by Cai Yonghua, Party Committee Member and Vice President, Visits SFD

2024, 03,26 > More

Delegation from the School of Design at the Southern University of Science and Technology visited the SFD

2024, 03,26 > More

The Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance and Activation: Chishui Intangible Cultural Heritage Bamboo Weaving Project

2024, 03,19 > More

SFD Approved for 2024 National Art Fund Art Talent Training Project

2024, 03,13 > More

SFD Holds a Lantern Festival Celebration

2024, 03,01 > More

SFD was invited to participate in the "Future Design Exhibition"

2024, 03,01 > More

Social and Public Design Education Course | Promoting the Construction and Development of Child-Friendly Communities

2024, 03,01 > More

SFD Held the 2023-2024 Second Semester Full-time Staff Meeting

2024, 02,28 > More

The First Semester of the Digital Media Art Micro-major of SFD Ends Successfully

2024, 02,03 > More
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