Future Smart Environments Laboratory

Today, people live in a variety of environments, which can be real, imagined, digital, or a mixture of these. These environments created by designers are known as "scenes," much like stage sets in a theatrical production, where actors breathe life into their roles.

Such scenes integrate various disciplines, including architecture, interior design, product design, fashion design, communication design, service design, and the specific field of scene design, which encompasses areas from law to social services, biology to high technology. Another characteristic element of these scenes is that their creation and promotion involve various media, such as print, digital, interactive, static, and dynamic imagery. The research directions and projects of the Future Smart Environments Laboratory focus on creating scenes for various public environments, those beyond personal or household spaces.

Supervisors: Wang Min, CHRISTOPH STAHL, EDUARDO AQUINO, Su Lei, Zhan Zhenyu

PBL Collaborative Partners: Zhuhai Design Week, Arrow Bathrooms