Art and Technology Laboratory 

The Laboratory of Art and Technology is grounded in cutting-edge disciplines and guided by forward-looking issues. It aims to become a leading institution for academic research and practical innovation. With a foundation in the technological transformations shaping future human lifestyles, our goal is to explore sustainable innovations and cultivate innovative art and design talents with interdisciplinary thinking, problem-solving abilities, a future vision, and a systems-thinking approach. We strive to advance the field of art and technology.

The core areas of focus in the Laboratory of Art and Technology include image arts, sound arts, multimedia design, interactive design, artificial intelligence, and data visualization design. Research directions encompass experimental photography and image art, digital sound art creation, interactive relationships between spatial sound design and audiovisual media, the application of virtual reality and augmented reality technologies in artistic creation, the application of big data and artificial intelligence in artistic creation and research, as well as speculative exploration and artistic exhibitions on various art and technology themes.

To nurture art and design talents with interdisciplinary thinking, the laboratory offers a series of forward-thinking courses, such as "Creative Media and Technological Aesthetics," "Experimental Art and Cutting-Edge Technology," "Digital Media and Programming Fundamentals," "Information and Interaction Design Research," "Scene Creation and Narrative," "Transmedia Narratives," and more. Additionally, the laboratory encourages students to engage in practical experiences, driven by projects led by the laboratory. These experiences allow students to hone their individual skills, foster collaborative abilities, and enhance their overall competencies through real projects and exhibition showcases.

Supervisors: Tan Ping, TONY BROWN, Li Qi, Gong Jiawei, Liu Yaming, Zhou Tiange, Li Wei

PBL Collaborative Partner: Zhongzhou Future Laboratory