Design and Education Laboratory

The Design and Education Laboratory focuses on design education at the compulsory education level and explores an adaptive design education system for the future through an industry-academia-research model. By collaborating with various research, exhibition, and communication institutions (such as art and design schools, educational organizations, museums, art galleries, research institutes, and laboratories), it promotes diverse development in design education. The laboratory aims to cultivate high-level design education innovators with international perspectives, multidisciplinary skills, professional expansion, practical expertise, and management proficiency. It also provides a systematic, rich, and mature path, methods, and experiences for interdisciplinary education practices in other fields. The laboratory serves as a comprehensive experimental platform for high-level professionals with strong professional practice and innovative capabilities.

Supervisors: Xu Ping, Gao Peng, Li Hongbo, Wang Xinyue, Xu Tengfei, Zhang Shiyang, Liu Shiyu

PBL Collaborative Partners: Lenovo Group, The Palace Museum School, Chinese Yin-Shang Cultural Association, Oracle Civilization World Cultural Journey Research Institute, IDEAC Drama Education Application and Cooperation Conference, Affiliated Primary and Secondary Schools, and Managed Schools of Beijing Normal University.