Service Design and Social Innovation Laboratory

The Service Design and Social Innovation Lab is a platform for industry-academia collaboration aimed at addressing the needs of businesses and societal development, exploring innovative solutions, and incubating innovation initiatives. The lab's fundamental approach to innovation development is rooted in profound social insights, cutting-edge design principles, and efficient problem-solving solutions. It facilitates innovation in services, business models, brand development, spatial activation strategies, and product system innovations. By bringing together the strengths of social organizations, businesses, and government entities, the lab promotes the application of service design in traditional enterprises and organizational transformations, explores new paradigms in service design, and nurtures versatile, hands-on service design professionals with innovative capabilities.

Supervisors: Gao Peng, Wang Xituo, Zhao Qi, Sun Yingdong, Zhou Yan

PBL Collaborative Partners: Lenovo Group, Li-Ning Group, Haier Innovation Design Center, Zhuhai Service Design Co-Creation Festival, Shishan Community