The Future Life Research Centre is a non-establishment research institution initiated by the School of Future Design of Beijing Normal University and jointly established by the International Youth Think Tank of Macao. With young talents from the Mainland and Macao as the main participants, the Centre adheres to the research and practice objective of “leading a healthy, diversified and sustainable future lifestyle through Chinese modernization”. Through interdisciplinary integration and cross-regional collaboration, the Centre uses design as the core driving force to innovate a new era of Chinese cultural expression, explore a coordinated and linked model of future urban and rural areas, promote the formation of a future green lifestyle, grasp the new development stage of high-quality external opening and exchange, and share with the world the Chinese solution of “using Chinese wisdom to comprehensively improve the quality of human life in the future”.

The Future Life Research Centre is positioned in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, reaching out to the frontline of the industry, realizing the expansion of the School’s resource platform both domestically and internationally, actively exploring the advantages of joint development of traditional Chinese culture with the Macao region, and establishing itself as “a laboratory”, “a transformation platform” and “an exchange mechanism” to carry out work in a comprehensive and holistic manner.

The Future Life Research Centre will make full use of the faculty and students in the School, as well as the cultural, technological and human resources advantages accumulated by the International Youth Think Tank of Macao, to carry out three research directions: “Tea and Future Life”, “Exploration of Future Habitat Communities” and “Living Heritage of Chinese Culture”.