Career Opportunities available at the School of FUTURE DESIGN, BEIJING NORMAL UNIVERSITY


I. Introduction

Beijing Normal University (BNU) is a key university affiliated to Ministry of Education and a leading comprehensive institution of higher education known for teacher education, education science and basic learning in both the arts and the sciences. Being a university of “Project 985” and “Double First-Class University (Class A)”, BNU is striving to build a discipline development system featuring “Plateau Support and Peak Leading” based on the principle of “One University, Two Campuses”. With their own complementary advantages, Beijing Campus will focus on basic and applied disciplines, while Zhuhai Campus will be developed into a southern campus of the same level based on the principle of "High Standard, New Mechanism and Internationalization".

II. School of Future Design

Beijing Normal University School of Future Design (SFD) was established in June 2021. Based on the leading disciplines of Beijing Normal University and grounded at the cross-disciplinary research in arts, technology and education, SFD fosters an integrated practice of research, education and practice through collaboration across humanities, arts, design, technology, and social sciences, and provides problem-driven and project-oriented education within complementary disciplines. It covers three research directions: Design and Future Production and Lifestyle, Art and Technology, Design and Education. With the goal of providing pioneering and exploration practices for design industry, SFD aims to equip innovative talents with professional literacy, cutting-edge vision, comprehensive analytical skills, and scientific and humanistic concepts.

III. Discipline

Product Design, Visual Communication Design, Fashion and Accessory Design, Industrial Design, Craft Art, Digital Media Art, Art and Technology, Designtology, Fine Arts, Experimental Art, Architecture and Environmental Design, etc.

IV. Research Directions

Design and Future Production & Lifestyle: Comprehensive design for future production, lifestyle and ideology

In the context of the new Internet culture, intelligent society and digital economy, "Design and Future Production & Lifestyle" promotes forward-looking and practical design teaching and research based on the exploration of future cultural forms, production and lifestyle formed with new technological innovations. The research in this field focuses on humanism and technology ethics and bridges design aesthetics and intelligent manufacturing, covering cultural life and production practice. It covers existing branches including Industrial Design, Visual Communication Design, Fashion and Accessory Design and Environmental Design, as well as explores forward-looking branches including Future Lifestyle Research, Future Human Habitat Design and Future Experience Design. Research on “Design and Future Production & Lifestyle” equips students with the ability to analyze and predict social development trends, to grasp advanced design concepts, methods and tools, and to understand institution and market operation as well as product development process, and ultimately enables students to become initiators and leaders of future social ideology.

Art and Technology: Conceptual research in design for cutting-edge issues

”Art and Technology” concentrates on the application of technology in art and design and conducts conceptual exploration and practice of frontier issues involving Digital Media Art, Multimedia Design, Interaction Design and AI Visualization Design. The research in this field closely links to international frontier disciplines, strives for first-class academic research results, aiming to tackle frontier issues with the scientific and technological aspects on human’s life patterns in future society. Adhering to sustainable innovation and exploration, it nurtures innovative art and design talents with cross-border thinking, problem-solving ability, future vision, and systematic and strategic thinking.

Design and Education: A study of teaching and development in future design education

“Design and Education” is the innovative research in art and design education, aiming at nurturing new talents required for future design and exploring future development of design education. The research in this field aims to grasp the development trend of global art education by investigating “Design Thinking” for adolescents, “Aesthetic Education” in K-12 education and Learning Environment Design (campus, classroom, desk, chair, teaching aids and other educational products and services). In addition, it adopts the advantages of Beijing Normal University in education and psychology, highlights the characteristics of teacher-training institutions, creates a new direction of design interdisciplinary education, and explores the future development of design education.

V. Positions


Location: Zhuhai

VI. Registration and Contact

This recruitment post is valid all year round. Please send the CV and Portfolio to the email:, entitled “Application + Name”.
After preliminary assessment, candidates will be notified for material submission and interview.

Contact: Ms. Yu 86-756-3683973