Beijing Normal University School of Future Design

Full-time and Part-time Postgraduate Program Q&A


Q: What’s the connection between Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai (BNU Zhuhai), Beijing Normal University (BNU) and Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai (BNUZ)?

A: BNU Zhuhai is an important component of BNU development strategy of “One University, Two Campuses”. Aligned with the same standard and level of Beijing Campus, BNU Zhuhai locates itself in the Guangdong-Hongkong-Macau Greater Bay Area and serves national development and innovation by boosting the construction of “double first-class” university of Beijing Normal University.

In accordance with the [2019] No. 14 file issued by the Ministry of Education, BNUZ started to reduce the enrollment from 2019, cease enrollment in 2021 and terminate the operation in 2024.

BNU Zhuhai graduates who meet the graduation requirements of their majors within the required duration will be awarded the graduation certificate of Beijing Normal University, and who meet the BNU degree award requirements will be awarded a bachelor’s degree of higher education.

Q: When is the admission brochure for postgraduate program entrance released every year? How can I find it?

A: In September, the admission brochure, major catalog and examination subjects will be released by Beijing Normal University School of Future Design. Students can go to BNU admission website: for information.

Q: What postgraduate programs are offered in the School?

A: Service Design, Digital Media Art and Design Education.

Q: How can I apply?

A: Upon the release of admission plan in every September, students who meet the requirements in the Admission Brochure can submit the online application in October on Upon approval, students can attend the national postgraduate entrance examination in December and the university review in the next March. 

Q: What are the application requirements?

A: Registration for the national postgraduate entrance examination must meet the following requirements:

1. Citizens of the People's Republic of China.

2. Support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, good moral character, compliance with the law.

3. Physical health in line with the national and the university physical examination requirements.

4. Candidates’ academic level must meet one of the following conditions.

(1) Undergraduates from national recognized programs of the year (including ordinary colleges and universities, adult colleges and universities, and adult higher education held by ordinary colleges and universities) as well as undergraduates who graduate from self-study examinations and online education. Candidates must obtain a nationally recognized undergraduate diploma or a Certificate of Foreign Academic Degrees issued by the China Ministry of Education Overseas Study Service Center before the year of admission. Otherwise, the admission is invalid.

(2) Those who have obtained a national recognized bachelor's degree.

(3) Those who have completed 2 years (from graduation to the admission year) or more after obtaining the nationally recognized senior high school diploma, as well as those who have completed the bachelor's degree with nationally recognized education, must also meet the following three conditions, and can apply for the examination as the equivalent of bachelor's degree.

The conditions are (a) completed all the required courses in the relevant undergraduate program; (b) published two (or more) papers in academic journals in the field of application as the first author; (c) apply for the programs of the same or similar disciplines.

(4) Those who have received a master's degree or doctoral degree.

(5) The degree certificates obtained outside China must be certified by the China Ministry of Education Overseas Study Service Center, and the certification report must be submitted during the qualification examination.

For details, please refer to Beijing Normal University Graduate Admissions Brochure.

Q: Can out-of-province candidates take the preliminary examination of postgraduate entrance at their workplace?

A: Candidates can choose the application site designated by the provincial education entrance examination authority in their place of study, work or residence for online application and on-site confirmation procedures. Candidates who prefer to choose a foreign test center must meet the requirements of the provincial education entrance examination authority for their application and complete the confirmation procedures before taking the preliminary examination.

Q: What examinations do I need to take for a Master of Fine Arts Program?

A: Candidates who apply for Master of Fine Arts Program are required to take the national unified postgraduate examination, in which ideology and politics, English II are the national unified subjects, and two professional courses are appointed by the university. Please refer to the Admission Brochure for the specific subjects.

Q: When is the university review? What is the acceptance ratio for the university review?

A: The university review of the School of Future Design will generally be arranged in March to April of the following year, according to the ratio of no more than 1:1.5 differential review. Details will be released on the Beijing Normal University Graduate Admissions website ( and the website of the School of Future Design (

Q: When will the admission notice be issued?

A: The university generally sends the admission notice to the candidates in every July. Candidates should fill in the accurate detailed address when they register for postgraduate programs to receive the admission notice in time. Please pay attention to the notice about the admission notice collection on the Beijing Normal University Graduate Admissions website ( for the specific details.

Q: Are there many internship opportunities for students during the study duration? How about the employment prospects?

A: The School of Future Design adopts the PBL teaching model. Students can submit the application for entrance into the joint labs in the second year, and for internship after the second year according to the requirements posted on the school website.

Currently, the School has launched future design joint labs with Lenovo Group, Haier Design Institute and LI-NING, and established PBL enterprise tutor collaboration with China Academy of Building Research, Chinese Culture Promotion Society, France K三, Spain Hispano Suiza Automobile Design (Beijing), Italy DOMUS and C-future lab. Students can apply for internship in these partner units and even can gain employment opportunities upon graduation.   

Q: Is there any summer programs in the School?

A: Every year, the school will organize summer programs for students with excellent performance. Through these programs, students can promote academic exchange experience and strengthen their understanding of the discipline or research of SFD. For more details, please refer to the school website.

Q: Are part-time postgraduate programs open for graduates of the year?

A: Graduates of the year are recommended to apply for the full-time postgraduate programs. Basically, candidates applying for part-time postgraduate programs are required to have some working experience, and the training method is directed employment. They should sign a directed employment contract with the enrollment unit and the employer respectively before entrance, and their personnel relations and personnel files will not be transferred to Beijing Normal University, and the university does not arrange accommodation for them. 

Q: Will part-time postgraduates be awarded the degree and diploma certificates by the School of Future Design?

A: Part-time postgraduates can apply for both degree and diploma certificates. In other words, upon graduation, part-time graduate students will be issued with the corresponding graduation certificate indicating the study mode according to the relevant national regulations based on their years of study and academic achievements, and they can apply for the corresponding degree certificate if their academic level reaches the degree standard stipulated by the state. Full-time and part-time graduate students are subject to the same examination and enrollment policies and cultivation standards, and their academic certificates.

Q: What is the academic term and duration of study for part-time postgraduate programs of the School of Future Design?

A: The duration of study is generally 3 years, and the maximum duration of study is 5 years, with reference to the teaching plan of the year of admission. Part-time postgraduates attend classes on weekends every month, and the location of the courses is mainly in the Zhuhai Campus of Beijing Normal University, while some courses and visits to enterprises will be arranged in Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macau. In principle, the university does not arrange accommodation, but the graduate class teacher will assist in booking accommodation according to the specific situation.

Q: What is the tuition fee for postgraduate programs?

A: For part-time postgraduate programs, the tuition fee is RMB 96,000 yuan, which is paid equally in three years at RMB 32,000 yuan/year; for full-time postgraduate programs, the tuition fee is RMB 55,000 yuan, which is paid in three years.

Q: What should I do if I still have further questions?

A: You can consult the Postgraduate Program Department of the School of Future Design by phone (0756-3683976 Mr. Liang) or send an email to the mailbox